Guest Policies

Guest Policies

Deposits: non-refundable deposit is taken upon booking. We do not refund this deposit. We are unable to “hold” a room for someone without a deposit. We are a small facility and this policy assures maximum booking and minimum cancelations for us.

Pets: Shoreline does not allow pets.

Check in: Rooms are guaranteed available for check-in at 3:00 pm. Please feel free to ask the booking agent if an early check-in is possible. Early check-ins are circumstantial.

Check out: Check-out time is officially 10:00 am. Please feel free to ask the booking agent if a late check-out is possible. Late check-outs are circumstantial.

Suites/Condos: All of our units at 41 and 43 Atlantic are three bedrooms and include one set of fresh linens and towels. There is a coin-operated, guest-only Laundromat located at 43 Atlantic Avenue.

Smoking: Please smoke only on decks, and refrain from disposing of cigarette butts anywhere except in ashtrays. Management reserves the right to charge as-required to clean and deodorize any room in which guests have smoked.

Dunes: Please do not walk on any sand dunes behind snow fences; beach grass is vital to protecting shores from erosion, and consequently, walking on or otherwise disturbing beach grass is a violation of Massachusetts State Law.

Peace, Quiet, and Civility: The Shoreline is a family-friendly facility, and, as such, enforces a policy of “quiet hours” after 10pm. We ask that guests refrain from excessive noise in the form of loud music or overly-loud conversation after 10 pm.

Management reserves the right to expel any guest/person who engages in abusive, threatening, profane, sexually explicit or suggestive language or behavior, without refund or warning. They also reserve the right to charge guests for any and all damages that may be sustained during their stay.